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#Website Updates
~2 min read
by Administrator, 2024-04-18

In light of recent controversies, you can now opt out of having your messages logged by Spy.pet.

How does it work? (GDPR)

  1. Go outside and make sure you're in the EU. If you're not, skip to "How does it work? (Non-GDPR)".
  2. Follow the instructions over at datarequests.org for filling in an Art. 17 GDPR letter. Don't forget to include your Discord Id.
  3. Send the letter to legal[@]spy.pet.
  4. I will process it, opt you out of tracking, and anonymize your already existing data.

How does it work? (Non-GDPR)

  1. Send an email to admin[@]spy.pet explaining why you need to be opted out.
  2. I will process it and decide if opting you out is necessary.

What does it entail?

Once I have processed your request, the following will happen:

  1. Your messages will be anonymized according to the GDPR. The applicable message Author ID, Author Username, and Author Nickname will be set to "XXXXXXXXX".
  2. The applicable voice events will also be anonymized, with the user id being replaced with "XXXXXXXXX".
  3. You can now return to your happy life.

If you have any questions or complaints, please don't hesitate to email me at admin[@]spy.pet.